Top Body Language Tips for a Job Interview – Candidate Guide

As well as having knowledge and experience of a certain job role, the body language you use in a job interview has an exceptional part to play in convincing your potential employer that you are right for the job. It can take as little as 5 seconds for someone to form an initial opinion of you, why start an interview with an uphill struggle when you can impress from the beginning.

1) Walk with purpose

Walking into an interview room and the way you do it says a lot. Walking with confidence is extremely important and you should stand straight with your shoulders pushed out and head held high. Looking proud and confident can be very effective, professionalism goes a long way. Walking into an interview obnoxiously, like you’ve got the job already can be detrimental to the overall interview process as your first impressions can navigate what happens next.

2) Use a firm handshake

A firm handshake goes hand in hand with a confident entrance into an interview. Whenever you introduce yourself by shaking a person’s hand, by using a firm grip you are conveying yourself in a positive manner. It beams confidence, discipline, and professionalism; core qualities that help in the modern working world.

3) Sit upright and engage

Whatever you do, do not slouch! Similar to your initial entrance, sit up straight in the chair, keep your legs straight and lean back. Lean in and out of the conversation to show that you are engaging, however, this should be a natural progression rather than being a conscious movement.

4) Make frequent eye contact

Retaining eye contact with an interviewer is a good start, it shows that you are confident and not intimidated. It is always good to show that you are a strong character. Make sure you’re not staring and be as natural as possible otherwise it can make the interview to intense. If you are personable and have experience with customer services and dealing with clients, you shouldn’t even need to worry about how much eye contact you make with a potential employer.

5) Be Sure to Smile

Smiling in conveys a very positive message to the person interviewing you, it shows that you are enjoying the conversation and are interested. Positive feelings normally mirror in what can be a serious or intense situation so by smiling the tension is lifted and can be reciprocated by the interviewer on the other side of the table.

6) Use Your Hands, But Not Too Much

Be subtle and don’t move too much, you don’t want to come across as fidgeting. Touching your fingertips together can display that you are in control but you don’t want to overuse this hand gesture. Make sure that you don’t play with your hair, scratch your neck or head or play with any surrounding objects; this can display that you are nervous or easily distracted.

These different tips can become more effective the more you test them out and use them in an interview situation. The main message to take from this post is to be confident, trust your ability, be comfortable in your own skin and act in a professional manner.

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