What to Wear to a Job Interview – Candidate Guide

First impressions are extremely important when attending a job interview. The way you dress and your body language are two key factors of an interviewer making their initial thoughts about you. Within 5 seconds, something as simple as the way that you present yourself can determine whether you are suitable for a vacant job role.

Fun fact: 65% of bosses said clothes could be the deciding factor between two similar candidates.

Whatever the work environment, you should always dress appropriately and professionally, a general rule to follow is always dress smarter than the working dress code. A good general rule to follow is to wear a suit or smart dress – this normally sets an image for yourself and you instantly come across as someone that cares and is professional.

Now, it can be very difficult when deciding what to wear specifically, so we have some general notes that may help you pick the clothing attire for your job interview:

Wear a Suit or Dress -Navy, Black or Dark Grey.

Shirt/Blouse -White, Light Blue, Light Pink or Light Purple.

Make sure that what you are wearing looks suitable, ensure your clothes have been ironed and are without creases; you will want to look sharp!

Smart Shoes/Low Heels -Black, Navy or Brown.

Make sure you have cleaned and polished your shoes and/or heels to go with your smartly combined suit or dress.

Accessories & Jewellery -Keep it simple – Glasses, Watches, Earrings are suitable options.

It is completely fine to wear a couple minimalistic pieces, but you do not want to overdo it. So, stay clear of stacking bangles, rings and necklaces.

Hair -If you really want to show that you care about your appearance to the interviewer – make sure, you get a nice neat haircut at a hairdressers or barbers. This will compliment your smart attire.

Tattoos & Piercings -Cover up all tattoos as much as you can, in the modern day many professionals have tattoos but do cover them up when and where possible. When it comes to piercings, normally just wear a simple set of earrings and take out other facial piercings if you have them.

In some job interviews, you may be pre-empted about the type of clothing to wear or bring with you for health and safety purposes. However, regardless of this, always dress as smart and neatly as possible to show that you are keen and serious about the job opportunity.

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