Top tips for attending an interview & first day at work

So you’ve applied for a job and have been offered an interview, congratulations!

The next step is to ensure you are fully prepared for the interview, which could be the difference in you being offered the job, or not.

We have complied few top tips for what you can expect and prepare for – with the help of our Permanent Recruitment consultants – Gemma Ellis and Louis Brabin.

The key point which will come up time and time again is to research the company that you are hoping to work for.

If you know the values, the background of the company and some key stories, it will stand you in great stead with your interviewer.

As Gemma explains, “Research the company prior to attending and ensure that you have matched their requirement to your professional experience.”

The second part of that quote is also of crucial importance – matching your skills to that of the job role.

An interviewer will be keen to find out how you will be using the specific experience you have, to benefit their company.

So pay particular attention to the job description before attending.

You can also prepare for some of the common questions you are likely to be asked – including ‘why’ you are suitable for the role and some of the things you enjoy doing outside of work.

Sometimes you may receive some questions asking about your strengths and weaknesses and also how you would solve particular problems.

Louis goes on to add, “Interviews go both ways, ask how they are going to support you? What training will be provided? Where do you see yourself in 5 years. Do you think I seem like a fit for your business?”

These are interesting points to consider, as sometimes you may receive a slight curveball question about your future aspirations. Another top tip is to ask questions of the interviewer and ensure you leave having covered any points you wish to raise.

It is also important to consider the format of your interview, is it in person, over the phone or via video?

We wanted to end this feature with some additional advice, if you were to be successful in your interview.

A lot of the time, we are asked if we can give some advice on attending a first day, or completing a first shift at a new job.

Our recruitment experts have their say.

Louis says, “Nothing to prove yet, listen and ask away.”

Gemma adds, “Be yourself, although it is nerve racking everyone’s first day is daunting – smile, listen and more importantly enjoy.”

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