Top tips to create the perfect CV

When it comes to creating or updating your CV, it can be quite overwhelming to consider a short document that is ultimately showcasing yourself!

But at Contract Personnel, our team of recruitment experts are here to help you!

We caught up with our Permanent Recruiters in our Thetford office, Gemma Ellis and Louis Brabin, to find out what it takes to create the ultimate CV.

When it comes to applying for a job, your CV could be the difference between securing an interview or narrowly missing out.

Its important to list your personal and contact information, including name and address. You can then use the next section to introduce yourself.

Your CV should also include your education and qualifications, work history/experience, relevant skills related to the job in question, any further achievements and then some references.

Top tips to create the perfect CV

When asked for his top tips for creating and presenting a CV, Louis Brabin said – “Add job titles followed by five bullet points max on each. Ensure your CV can be flexible and change it for the different roles you are applying for. Also, highlight key areas/expertise and qualifications that are relevant to the vacancy you are applying for.”

Presentation is also key to a successful CV.

As Gemma Ellis explains, “make sure that your CV is laid out in a professional format so clients can read and digest with ease.”

The layout should be clean and well structured and check all spellings and grammar with a friend/family member. The CV hotspot tends to be in the upper middle area of the page – so be sure to include some important information there. Keep the CV to no more than two pages.

In addition, a recommended trait is to tailor your CV to the relevant job description and role you are applying for and to ensure you keep it up to date.

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Top tips to create the perfect CV

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