Become an Admirable Employment Candidate

Are you struggling to find your ideal job?

Sending out your CV can be a tireless exercise, especially jobs that you think are suited to yourself. Tailoring your covering letter to individual different job roles is also something that takes more time and effort in order to land yourself a job. It is extremely common that you will go through the process of what you would define as the creating perfect CV and receive zero response.

Each job role is completely different and with the vast amount of jobs that are up for grabs today, roles are constantly being filled. Needless to say, with many jobs being taken by the ideal candidates, new roles are also coming up on the market.

You need to sell yourself and make yourself standout in more ways than other employment candidates. Having a squeaky clean CV is quite simply not enough in the modern day of employment!

There is plenty you can do such as the following:

Ensure your LinkedIn profile is desirable

LinkedIn is now the one stop shop to finding the ideal candidate by recruitment agencies, employers and all kinds of businesses. Everyone wants to employ the most admirable job candidate so you need to ensure that your professional network profile is up to date with plenty of relevant information.

Set up a professional website

Having a website that showcases yourself and your skillset is something that employers will be impressed by. When you’re in contention for a job role the employer will what to know as much as possible about you. Social media is one of the first places they look but if you provide an employer with a website link and you showcase your abilities and portfolio, you are instantly lit in good light for your desired position.

Show off your skills

If you have a varying skillset and you have a good idea of which direction you want to go in, you need to ensure to an employer that you are qualified enough for a role. Endorsements from clients or colleagues on LinkedIn is the perfect place to ensure an employer that you have the correct skillset for a job role. Make sure that you do not miss out on any key skills that you need for a certain job role. Do not list skills and abilities that you do not have because chances are that within the interview process for any job role you shall be challenged by the employer.

Work with an agency

Recruitment agencies like ourselves are constantly looking to find the right candidate for the right job role. If you can get signed up to a recruitment agency they will take the weight off your shoulders searching for a new job role. This then gives you more time to get yourself comfortable with the interview process. Not only this but you can get a job that fits your required needs if you are successful.

This whole process can be extremely exhausting and you may well get turned down for numerous job opportunities. If you are consistently active in all areas when searching for a job and make yourself look good, you will eventually succeed. Making yourself the admirable employment candidate isn’t easy, it can take time to get in the swing of things and getting used to the interview process can be hard. Take it one step at a time and don’t get too overwhelmed. With patience and hard work, comes success and with the right experts around you, you will be working at your dream job sooner than you would ever have thought.

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