Meet The Directors Q&A – Pete Watson & Alie Najjar

We sat down with our two newly appointed Directors, Pete Watson (Operations Director) and Alie Najjar (Group Support Director) – to find out a bit more about them! We hope you enjoy our exclusive Q&A and be sure to follow our social media pages for more exciting content!

Pete Watson:

Favourite food? Has to be Thai food.

Favourite holiday destination? Hard to pick, I have been to 37 countries, close between Costa Rica/Bali or Hawaii.

Favourite animal? Pheasant.

Role model? David Attenborough – The guy is a genius.

Favourite singer/band? Metallica.

One thing you could not live without? My heart.

Something you are always saying…. “given the current climate”.

Favourite TV show? Vikings

Favourite sport? Football

Funniest joke you know? No idea, I’m usually the butt of all jokes 😊

Favourite Chocolate Bar? Mars Bar

Dream Car?  Range Rovers will always be my Dream Car.

Alie Najjar:

Favourite food?  Steak, Burgers, Chicken,….MEAT!!

Favourite holiday destination? Caribbean

Favourite animal? Dog

Role model? Frank Grillo… still looking awesome at nearly 60!

Favourite singer/band? – Various Indie bands!

One thing you could not live without? Beer!!

Something you are always saying…. Turn it off and on again!

Favourite TV show? House

Favourite sport? Tennis

Funniest joke you know? I have a shocking memory when it comes to jokes….when I remember one I’ll let you know!

Favourite Chocolate? Cote d’Or

Dream Car? 1987 Porsche 911 Turbo

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Meet The Directors Q&A - Pete Watson & Alie Najjar

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