How to Impress in a Phone Interview – Candidate Guide

Phone interviews are the initial screening process for new job opportunities – many think that phone interviews are the easiest stage of the interview process; however, this is not the case. You will speak to an employer who is able to determine whether a prospective employee is suitable for the defined job role. You need to make a good impression throughout the phone interview; from the point that you answer the phone to the end of the call.


At times, phone interviews will be scheduled or they can happen when you least expect it. You need to ensure that you are prepared and ready to answer some difficult questions, as well as being able to provide confident and well-constructed answers.

What you should note and prepare before participating in a phone interview:

  • Your strengths – What you consider to be your professional and character based strengths.
  • Your weaknesses – Areas that you think you could improve in, both professionally and characteristically.
  • Your experience – Referring back to your CV, make a note of any work, jobs, volunteering and achievements that you have carried out in the past.
  • Company information – Ensure you have researched the company you are applying for a job at; the services and products they sell, and any information or history about the company.
  • Salary expectations – You should have a base idea of what sort of pay or yearly salary you are looking for – Make sure this is a realistic sum.
  • Your aspirations – What are your short and long-term goals as a professional? Relate this to the prospective job role.
  • Questions – Have some questions about the job role, company and work place environment prepared.

If you prepare all of the above bullets, for most phone call interviews you will be able to answer the majority of questions asked by a prospective employer.


Phone interviews are not just about the preparation. You need to put the preparation into practice – Put the hard work into action and display that you are a desirable candidate for any prospective job role. Points that will help you within a phone interview:

  • Be confident – Confidence is easily identifiable over the phone. If you smile and feel good about what you are saying, the tone of conversation is infectious and it naturally flows.
  • Speak with clarity – Take your time to think and construct well-worded sentences. Make sure you are not mumbling and do not shout – You just need to be heard.
  • Give short and informed answers – When you answer questions – be precise and honest, there is no need to go into too much detail at this stage.
  • Make notes – As you discuss a potential job role with an employer, take notes of key information that stands out to you – this can be useful in latter stages of the interview process.
  • Ask questions – If you prepared some questions and you want to know more about the job role, do not be shy, ask the questions – The employer will have the answers for you. Make sure you find out the next step of the interview process, this shows that you are confident.
  • As soon as the interview is over, follow up with a thank you email. Be sure to outline your strengths and value for the job role, as you want to reassure the employer that you are the suitable candidate.

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