6 Career Paths for You – Candidate Guide

There are thousands of different jobs on the market and deciding which one is for you can be pretty overwhelming. We’re here to break it down for you, and to help you decide which sector is the right choice for you.


If you like driving, have a clean licence and relevant qualifications, the driving sector could be for you. Driving jobs offer good pay, independence and flexibility as well as every changing scenery and the opportunity to travel. However, driving jobs can also mean long hours away from home with little to no company, so may not be appropriate for social butterflies, but perfect for you lone wolves.

Tip: If you’re thinking about a career in the driving sector contact a driving veteran and ask for their personal and professional opinion.

Finally the driving sector is a stable industry, which means that as long as you keep your licence clean you need never be without a job. Here at Contract personnel we are always looking for experienced good quality drivers. If you are thinking about a career in the driving sector, visit our Driving Jobs page or get in touch today.

Catering and Hospitality

If you have a passion for food and service you may want to pursue a career in catering and hospitality (link). This is a broad field which encompasses everything from events planning to tourism, and offers opportunities for both entry level and experienced candidates. Additionally, Catering and Hospitality jobs offer excellent chances for learning and progression. There is also a lot of choice within the Catering and Hospitality sector for people looking for temporary and part time work as well as full time permanent positions.

At Contract Personnel we specialise in finding temporary and part time employment, with large volumes of employers contacting us and new jobs available daily we are sure that if you decide a career in Catering and Hospitality is for you, then we can find you your perfect job. To find out more visit our Catering and Hospitality Jobs page, or contact our Catering and Hospitality team now.

Office and Commercial

Office and Commercial jobs can be varied, covering jobs in customer service, sales, marketing, HR, finance and admin, as well as supervisory and managerial positions within office and commercial environments. Office jobs allow you to work in a fixed, stable environment and often give you the chance to work as part of a team, providing excellent social opportunities.

Which job is right for you depends on your interests, knowledge and experience, here at Contract Personnel we can fit you to your perfect employer, whether you’re looking for temporary, permanent, part time or full time employment. The main benefit of this, is that it allows for the opportunity to be flexible in a usually rigid environment. If you’re interested in a career in the Office and Commercial sector, visit our Office and Commercial Jobs page.

Technical and Engineering

The Technical and Engineering sector provides you with great opportunities, as technology is always progressing and this is a sector with the potential for large growth, this also means great opportunities for further learning and professional development. This sector has an above average starting salary, can offer flexible working hours and the chance to work in multidisciplinary teams.

Candidates for Technical and Engineering jobs must hold relevant qualifications, as unlike some other sectors this industry generally requires previous training in the field. If you have this training and believe a career in the Technical and Engineering industry is for you then visit our Technical and Engineering Jobs page, or contact our Technical and Engineering team now.


Industrial jobs with Contract Personnel give you flexibility, choice and excellent rates of pay. You can gain valuable new skill and experience and our Industrial jobs offer the opportunity to work full or part time on a permanent or temporary contract, additionally industrial jobs offer the chance to work day or night shifts at your convenience. This makes these positions perfect for people who may also have additional responsibilities. If this sounds like a sector, which would interest you, then visit our Industrial Jobs page, or get in touch with our Industrial team.


The professional sector encompasses a variety of areas such as law and accounting, IT, finance, project management and surveying. Jobs in professional sectors such as these, place you in your specialised area of expertise and connect you with likeminded individuals who you can learn and benefit from. This can also provide good social opportunities as well as the chance for continuous professional development and growth in your chosen field. If you feel you hold the right qualifications and knowledge for a career as a professional then visit our Professional Jobs page, or contact our Industrial team.

Contract personnel offers a wide range of jobs across all six of these sectors. Providing full and part-time career opportunities, on both temporary and permanent contracts, over a wide variety of industries. So now that you know which sector is right for you, you can use our job search feature below to find your perfect career or register with us, to be the first to hear about the new career opportunities you are interested in.

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